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What is Bowls?

The thing about bowls is that you just have to roll with it... Bowls is a game of precision, accuracy and a steady hand. In bowls, you take to the lawns in teams or as individuals and take turns rolling bowls towards a smaller ball known as the jack. But don’t expect a calm encounter, filled to the brim with strategy, you’re often seconds away from a game changing move from your opposition, try something new and give bowls a go!

What are the benefits?

  • Very social, games take place in a calm environment and there’s a great bowls community too
  • Bowls is for anyone, so you meet and learn from people of all ages and walks of life
  • It uses lots of muscles but with minimal impact on your joints!

What will I need?

To begin with you should borrow bowls from the club and friends to see what works best for you. Comfortable sports clothes and shoes will be fine for bowls.