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Baseball and Softball

Baseball and Softball

What is Baseball and Softball?

Well…they’re two different sports! But they share a lot in common: they’re fun, social, fast-paced and have indoor and outdoor versions. They both involve a batter hitting a ball (in softball, the ball is larger) that is pitched (thrown) towards them – batting team's score points for running around bases, while fielding teams get players out by beating them to the base with the ball. Best of all, it’s a lot simpler to play than to describe!

What are the benefits?

  • They’re sports that really cater to everybody. With slow pitch and fast pitch versions of softball, as well as baseball, there’s a version for almost anyone
  • You’ll get a chance to work on many different skills. Throwing, catching, running, hitting and your reflexes will all be put to the test
  • It’s got a great social scene. Baseball and softball have a reputation for being friendly, fun sports

What will I need?

Most clubs and sessions will provide you with all the equipment you need, so it’s just a case of comfortable clothes and the right shoes. Check whether you’re indoors or outdoors first.

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